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1 Jul 2011

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The list at directories.php was recently updated and all directories verified. All those which are parked, expired or are no longer directories have been removed. Also, directories banned or penalized by Google have been removed. So with the current list, the links you may get should be pretty safe. Still, feeding this list to an automated submitter is not recommended.

You should do only a couple of submissions, manually. The list is sortable by each column: PR, Alexa, Total backlinks, Google backlinks, age, IP address. The most important factors are Google backlinks and PR, so you should sort by this before submitting. Good luck!

After upgrading to PHP 5.3.15, a PHP link directory search function was no longer working: Sorry, no records found that match your keyword(s).

A quick fix is to go into search.php and replace:

$pattern = array ( ‘/(AND[\s])+/’, ‘/(OR[\s])+/’, ‘/\s+/’, ‘/`+/’, ‘`^[^\w\d]`’, ‘`[^`\w\d]$`’ );


$pattern = array ( ‘#(AND[\s])+#i’, ‘#(OR[\s])+#i’, ‘#[\s]+#’, ‘#[`]+#’, ‘#^[^\w\d]#i’, ‘#[^`\w\d]$#i’ );


Directory Coupon Discount * hotsummer $9 2012bizz $4 firefox $4 yellow $6 ** blueberry £9 twilight $5


* coupon works only with credit card payments (the others work with Paypal too)

** directory is only for UK websites (the others are general)


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