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1 Jul 2015

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Over the last years, I have been observing a couple of sites and Google ranking.
The conclusion is very clear: backlinks are less and less important and content becomes the key.
I know you’ve heard it all before, but now it’s actually happening. Few years ago it was more like a rumour trying to discourage link building.

How is it now possible? Well… Google now has more tools and more power. Before they had monopoly only over the search engine. Now they also have:

  • Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adsense, Google Toolbar, Chrome, etc.
    Now Google can make a much more comprehensive profile of your site. They know who visits your site, how much time they spend on it, etc.

  • Google’s Semantic search now actually works. So if you have content in English, Google knows automatically what’s your site is all about.

    If you would like to do some research, check ranking in English vs other languages and you will notice how much better results you’ll get for English, because it’s harder to manipulate. Old techniques like doorway + mass link building are no longer efficient.

  • Social Networks – Since everyone and their dog have Facebook, if something major happens it will be discussed on FB. This means tested by humans, not by Google Robots. So a site built to manipulate search results will have no impact here, while a good and interesting site will survive will pass.

The list at directories.php was recently updated and all directories verified. All those which are parked, expired or are no longer directories have been removed. Also, directories banned or penalized by Google have been removed. So with the current list, the links you may get should be pretty safe. Still, feeding this list to an automated submitter is not recommended.

You should do only a couple of submissions, manually. The list is sortable by each column: PR, Alexa, Total backlinks, Google backlinks, age, IP address. The most important factors are Google backlinks and PR, so you should sort by this before submitting. Good luck!


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