Anonymous alternatives for Google

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17 Aug 2012

  • DuckDuckGo – This search engine does not use cookies, and does not store IP addresses of those who search. This means you get the same search results as anyone else searching the same keywords.
  • Ask Eraser – Is a private feature of Ask which deletes all your search activity.
  • Startpage – returns results from Google, but they are proxied through their own server so your privacy is respected. Startpage does not record your IP address.
  • Ixquick – Made by the same company as Startpage, Ixquick uses more search engines for their results, not only Google. Again privacy is respected and Ixquick does not collect or share personal information.
  • Blekko – A search engine that ignores spam and content farms. They only crawl around three billion trusted pages, ignoring the rest.

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